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We organize unique photographic experiences

for female photographers, artists, and models, 

facilitating collaboration in a comfortable,

welcoming and nurturing space, 

where they can explore, experiment and create art

with the encouragement and support of other women.


a unique collaborative photo experience

Meet the Team


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Cindy Karchner

Cindy loves photographing people, architectural elements, fine art, abstract, texture and black and white photography, loves capturing motion, movement and softness.  She is a lover of learning new techniques and working to master them through observation and practice.  She loves collaborating with other female artists, photographers and models. She is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

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Diane Long Hair.jfif

Diane Richter

Diane is a freelance photographer living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who specializes in Music, Event, Nature and Fine Art Photography.  She has been creating Fine Art Photography since 2005.  Fine Art Photography is where her passion of art truly resides.  She strives to stir emotions inside the viewer’s mind, perhaps questioning the meaning behind the image, her goal being to be different than all the rest.

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Zinn Star

Zinn Star

Zinn is a lover of life, the creative and a proud momma.  Never thinking she would ever end up "A Model",  she fell in love with the beauty of lines, shapes and her body. Becoming a full time traveling model and having the opportunity to travel and work with so many talented photographers has absolutely been a dream come true.  That was 2006, now she enjoys being a mother of two amazing boys and

still has her hand in the

creative cookie jar. 

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About Us

We are a group of confident and creative women artists, models and photographers of diverse styles, persuasions and backgrounds.  We are eager to collaborate and express ourselves through our art.  We hope you'll consider joining our growing community.  

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