a collaborative and invitational photo experience

To our valued members, supporters and fellow female photographers and models:  

We hope that you and your families, friends and loved ones have managed to stay safe, connected and creative while staying home this past year.  


At this time, no Events are planned due to the Covid 19 virus.

We will soon be planning for 2021 events provided we can do so safely.  We look forward to collaborating with you again in the future in a responsible manner that keeps us all safe and socially distanced.  Our thoughts are with you as we are all truly in this together.  

Stay safe and stay in touch, Diane, Cindy & Zinn


An exclusive experience; a collaborative, interpretive work by women, for women; celebrating the positive aspects of women. 


Our goal is to collaborate with a diverse group of both women photographers and models with the goal in mind of having the work culminate in an exhibit meant to celebrate the positives of being women, as just ourselves, our own beings, making decisions about our own bodies, what and how we shoot, how we are positively portrayed, etc.  


We organize themed fine art photo shoots intended to facilitate a positive, constructive, collaborative effort between women to convey a message of power, passion and purpose through their own creative interpretations. 


Meet The Team

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Cindy Karchner

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Cindy loves architectural elements, fine art, abstract, texture and black and white photography, loves capturing motion, movement and softness.  She is a lover of learning new techniques and working to master them through observation and practice.  She loves collaborating with other female artists. 


Diane Richter

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Diane Richter is a freelance photographer living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who specializes in Music, Event, Nature and Fine Art Photography.  She has been doing Fine Art Photography since 2005.  Fine Art Photography is where her passion of art truly resides.  She strives to stir emotions inside the viewer’s mind, perhaps questioning the meaning behind the image, her goal being to be different than all the rest.

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Zinn Star

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Zinn is a lover of life, the creative and a proud momma.  Never thinking she would ever end up "A Model",  she fell in love with the beauty of lines, shapes and her body. Becoming a full time traveling model and having the opportunity to travel and work with so many talented photographers has absolutely been a dream come true.  That was 2006, now she enjoys being a mother of two amazing boys and

still has her hand in the

creative cookie jar. 


We are a group of confident and creative women artists, models and photographers of diverse styles, persuasions and backgrounds.  We are eager to collaborate and express ourselves through our art.  We hope you'll consider joining our growing community.  

Thank you for stopping by!

AOTW at Fox & Finch Studio
AOTW at D. Frei Studio
AOTW at D. Frei Studio
AOTW at D. Frei Studio
AOTW at Steve Tobin's Studio
AOTW at Steve Tobin's Studio


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"I took away the drive to shoot more creatively. I was in a rut and it helped me break out. Also, after seeing the images from other photographers, it validated my own sense of pursuing my own vision."

"What Diane, Cindy, and Zinn have put together is quite refreshing! The work you are doing is so important and I'm honored to be part of it."

"So much nicer working with all women. Light-years more organized than other workshops I've attended. Having the Model releases already signed was awesome, I'm used to chaos getting signatures at the end of a shoot. Thanks Diane, Cindy and Zinn!"

"I've got so much good stuff from Sunday, I don't even know where to begin.  Thanks, ladies, all of you!"

"The food is always a highlight for me. It's so carefully thought about and prepared. I also appreciate that there was plenty of water. My suggestion is to keep this up, as it is so important to all of us, regardless of location."

"Super successful - it single-handedly increased my portfolio by several strong images!"