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"I took away the drive to shoot more creatively. I was in a rut and it helped me break out. Also, after seeing the images from other photographers, it validated my own sense of pursuing my own vision."

"What Diane, Cindy, and Zinn have put together is quite refreshing! The work you are doing is so important and I'm honored to be part of it."

"I'm a very go with the flow person and had fun with the way the schedule was set up."

"So much nicer working with all women. Light-years more organized than other workshops I've attended. Having the Model releases already signed was awesome, I'm used to chaos getting signatures at the end of a shoot. Thanks Diane, Cindy and Zinn!"

"It was my first Art of the Woman event, and I had so much fun collaborating with other woman and creating art. Thank you ladies for putting this workshop together!"

"The food is always a highlight for me. It's so carefully thought about and prepared. I also appreciate that there was plenty of water. My suggestion is to keep this up, as it is so important to all of us, regardless of location."

"Super successful - it single-handedly increased my portfolio by several strong images!"

"Thanks for organizing these events....much appreciated! I really enjoy the camaraderie and getting into a creative space with like-minded women."

"I've got so much good stuff from Sunday, I don't even know where to begin.  Thanks, ladies, all of you!"

"Having attended two Art of the Woman events as a model, I'm eager to support a future event as a photographer. The collaborative and safe environment that Cindy, Diane, and Zinn have made wth these events is unique. I highly encourage femme creatives interested in figurative photographic art to consider joining a future AOTW event.."

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