February Inspirations

A friend recently asked me, “What is your favorite subject in photography?” Without hesitation, I said emphatically “PEOPLE”! I do not know about you, but I sincerely miss photographing and being with other people, interacting with others, seeing smiles on their faces, watching them come to life while exercising their passions, creativity and collaboration with others to produce the most amazing images I’ve ever seen. All these things have shaped our Women’s Collaborative: Art of the Woman events since 2018. We have built strong relationships and become lifelong friends; we have created together and supported one another, and thankfully, all these things have helped to sustain us through the pandemic.

But no doubt, there are days when we struggle. We have good intentions. We want to be creative. We have big ideas. We build time into our calendars to read, participate in webinars, learn new techniques, pick up our cameras…or paper and pencils…or markers…or paint brushes…or scissors…and find other ways to express ourselves.

We may exercise every day, try to eat right, and take care of ourselves. We may try to stay connected with friends and family. Other days, we just cannot seem to get past the couch. Do you ever feel like that? If so, what do you do to get “off of the couch?” What, or who, keeps you motivated? What things, or people, inspire you? Who out there is good at this and is willing to share your secrets with the rest of us? And who needs some inspiration?

I will share with you just a few of my inspirations from our members and subscribers to get us started:

· Diane Richter posts beautiful photos of her many backyard birds and wildlife each day on Facebook and Instagram. Her fine art work is currently being featured at the Through the Lens exhibit at the Michener Museum in Doylestown.

· Jennifer Gershon is re-creating beautiful vintage images through costume and light.

· Joan Zachary shares the beauty of her wooded surroundings and makes us smile with her ongoing “little people” sagas. She is a member of the Artist Collective at the Banana Factory Arts and Cultural Center.

· Anna Capaldi and Lee Levin Friend are putting pen and pencil to paper to create magical worlds that can only come from their creative imaginations. In addition, Anna recently created a poster-sized version of the photo above, of model Nataliya Natta, from one of our unique events in 2019!

· Alane Younger’s passion and love of birds is apparent in her beautiful images.

· Sharon Merkel is memorializing her love for her dogs daily through her beautifully executed drawings.

· Cheryl Bomba’s, Beamie Young’s, and Emily Strong’s images are winning awards locally, regionally and internationally.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the wealth of talent among us. Please take a moment to share links to your work, your inspiration, or to just be inspired by others. There are brighter days ahead for sure. And we want to continue our journey with you, long into the future.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay you!

Cindy, Diane and Zinn

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