Getting to know Blue River Dream: Professional Art Model and more!

Updated: May 19

Blue River Dream: Professional Art Model, Photographer, Artist, Event Organizer, Photo Editor and more! We spoke with “Blue” to get to know more about this multi-talented lover of the arts. “Blue” started as a photographer, initially working with film, taking both a darkroom and Photoshop class in college, creating “artsy” pictures of leaves and observing light during different times of day, as part of her assignments for school. She started with modeling by posing for a friend. They began collaborating on ideas for photo shoots and he talked her into styling the shoots and posing herself, rather than working with other models, which began her art modeling for other photographers back in 2007. She then moved to Montana, where she served with Americorps for a year, building a computer lab from donated materials and working on an open source operating system project for the local Boys and Girls Club. When she wasn’t at work, Blue’s personal interests turned to fine art modeling and photography, so she dove straight into nudes. She told us that “pretty much anybody with a photo hobby who drove through Montana would look me up and collaborate with me on creating art.” One of those photographers suggested that she consider modeling as a profession versus just a hobby. She then moved back east in 2009 with a full portfolio, and she started working with new photographers as a professional model. As a photographer she focuses on self-portraits as well as her work with other models. When she is not creating with the camera, Blue also creates encaustic collages, assemblages, and mixed media, from “weird and unique objects” that she collects. She is inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell, a sculptor and filmmaker, and pioneer in the art of assemblage. Cornell used cast-off and discarded artifacts to tell a story by arranging them in boxes; his work is considered a part of the folk art genre. She also admires, and has studied with Leah MacDonald in Philadelphia, to get her inspiration for her encaustic wax creations. As a model, Blue is also inspired by the work of Loie Fuller, an actress and dancer in the burlesque era, who developed her own natural movement techniques. She was known for experimenting with long, flowing fabric, choreographing its movements and playing with the ways it could reflect light. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multi-colored lighting of her own design. Blue has been working on a project with similar garments that she has hand created and will be bringing them with her to the event in June. A photo by Dave Levingston, of Blue’s Loie Fuller-inspired work, can be found at the Springfield, OH museum, a Smithsonian affiliate. More photos of the work she’s done on this theme can be found on her website. Blue has a passion for art and for collaborating with others. Whether she is involved professionally or personally, or as a volunteer, she puts her heart and soul into each endeavor. She is really very resourceful, making connections with other people that can help her with meaningful projects. She recently was one of three main organizers, two of which were from the UK, for an online 24-hour life drawing marathon. She helped to coordinate 50 models each posing in twenty-five minute segments, raising more than $11,000 dollars for two organizations in Ukraine that work with children. She says it was an incredible endeavor on the part of everyone she worked with and a lot of connecting people together, which she loves. She had two of her works featured in a show called Visions of Self, the first annual show of the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision Group with more than 100 other Yosemite Sierra artists from 10 different countries. One was a work called “Memory of Trees” and the other “Stretched”, both self-portraits. She also had a mini-portfolio of her work in Shadow and Light Magazine in the spring of 2021 in their issue themed “Color It Red.” Her work as both an art model and photographer can be viewed at Blue is most proud that she has been able to work as a professional model for so long and that she and her work have earned a great deal of respect and appreciation. She especially loves the collaboration with other photographers, especially when they are open and engaged with her in the creative process. She is inspired by light, locations, flowing fabric, and creating in the moment and says that some of the most beautiful places she has gotten to create have been in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and in Acadia National Park in Maine. And if that is not enough, in addition to her professional modeling career, her fine art photography work, and her philanthropic endeavors, she is very technically savvy, having built herself a virtual “stage” for art modeling/posing which helped sustain her through the pandemic, as well as working as a photo editor, and a gamer for fun. Blue last worked with us in 2019 at Fox and Finch Studio, where she says she had a wonderful experience. So we are thrilled she has agreed to work with us again at our first event since the pandemic. Interested in creating with Blue in 2022? There are still a few spots remaining at the time of publishing this blog. It’s not too late to sign up! Deadline is May 10th. Sign up today here.

Photo Credit:

Model: Blue River Dream

Photographer: Anna Capaldi

Location, Fox and Finch Studio, 2019

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