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Getting to know Juliet "the capulet," Professional Art Model

Updated: May 19, 2022

Juliet is one of 3 featured professional models scheduled for our event on June 11, 2022. She has been a traveling art model for about 10 years, turning pro 3 years ago. What she loves the most about modeling is the collaboration and communication with others. She’s always been fascinated with the human body, not so much in a “science” sort of way, but as a doorway into her love of art. She has always loved creating, from making sculptures to crafting, drawing and painting, and she even has her own camera and knows the basics. When she was younger, Juliet lived in North Carolina and went through some trying times emotionally when in the process of getting a divorce. She was able to work through it with her modeling. She told us that creating art was her therapy and that she experienced healing through the arts. Juliet is passionate about art, telling us “it is more than just deeper meaning, it is a consciousness.” She felt “asleep” earlier in life. She believes that “art is a journey of the mind.” She has only worked with about 5 female photographers over her career as a model. The very first photographers she ever worked with were 2 women she created with quite a bit. She says she took to working with them very naturally. So our event in June excites her, that she’ll get to work with so many women at one time in the creation of fine art. Since moving to PA, she has participated in some fine art workshops in North Wales and did figure art modeling in 2021. She spent some time back in North Carolina during the pandemic, working for a small boutique fashion business, which gave her some exposure to fashion shoots. At that time fine art modeling was just a side gig. She has also worked with a painter from New Jersey in a location in New York City. She came recommended to Art of the Woman from Linda Hollinger, an award winning fine art photographer from the Philadelphia area, and one of our subscribers, who Juliet began working with in a small studio in New Jersey. Initially, Instagram was Juliet’s primary place to display her fine art photos until the algorithms began interfering with her ability to post. She hopes to have a website one day, but in the meantime she is considering Patreon and TrueFans as a way to have more control over her content. She’s not a fan of social media and she knows that too much of it is not a good thing for her. She is learning to keep her exposure to it at a minimum. Juliet is most proud of being herself. “What you see if what you get with me, unfiltered, realness and authenticity.” The most interesting or fun assignments she has had as a model have been working with the painter in NYC, and for a friend in the sports car industry, where she got to model with a McLaren Indy sports car and even got to drive a mini kids version of the car. Juliet’s goal in life? “I just want to have fun, create art, make people laugh, and bring my whole energy to what ever I do.” We were delighted to get to know her and we are very excited to see how she infuses her personality into our event. You can too! At the time of this publishing, we still have a few spots remaining. Don’t miss out! Visit our website at for more information and to sign up.

Photo Credit (correction)

Model: Juliet "the capulet", Photographer: Kristian Quistgaard, @_through_my_eye

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