Getting to know Rachel Lilly, Professional Art Model

We recently got to talk with Rachel Lilly, who is the featured professional model for our next event on Saturday, August 6, 2022. Rachel began modeling in 2013 and wanted to get practice while she was working in retail. Then in 2015 she started traveling full time. Her first road trip to Roanoke, Virginia was very successful. Cindy got to work with her in 2016 when she modeled for a fine art workshop at Dave Frei’s studio in Allentown. Cindy commented how impressed she was with Rachel’s flexibility in posing for some really creative shots she got that day.

When Rachel is not modeling, she is a busy mom of 3. She has a 3 year old son, a 9 year-old and an 11 year-old daughter. She loves painting with lots of vibrant colors, which she does with her middle daughter, the artist in the family. Rachel has also begun to play the violin. Her son likes his little orange Fisher Price drum set. Her kids are definitely her passion.

Rachel loves walking her dogs, and being outdoors with her kids. Her work as a model keeps her away for about a week at a time. She spends her down time at home making up for her absence during the week by taking the kids to sports, creating art or playing music with them. She did not work from March to July in 2020 due to the pandemic and spent most of her time indoors. She used that time to repurpose things that others gave away for free and she sold them.

Rachel has traveled all across the US as a model. She loves the outdoors, which is why we think she’ll really love creating with us in August. Her favorite locations have been the canyons of Arizona and Utah, and a wheat field and the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. While those places were beautiful, she says she is afraid of heights. But as a professional model, she has always done what she needs to do to get the shot the photographers are after. She hopes to get to model in the desert sometime. She would love that.

Rachel recently had a fine art piece she created with photographer Steve Lease, published in the Best of 2021: a nudeartzine book, one of 175 images of nude art created by professional and amateur photographers from 12 different countries. The image can be seen on her Instagram page here.

What Rachel is most proud of as a professional model is getting women to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Working as a model has made her more aware of her own body. What affects her most is her mood or “headspace.” She stays positive by taking a step back and keeping things in perspective.

Rachel says she is easygoing, and looking forward to our event in August. She wants to see women supporting other women. One of the first photographers Rachel worked with was a woman. Other women “lift her up.”

August 6th will be a half-day event and participation is very limited. You can get to work with Rachel in a beautiful natural light setting, and collaborate with other women to create art. Sign up details can be found here. We hope you can join us!

Photo Credit

Photographer: Steve Lease

Model: Rachel Lilly

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