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Happy (almost) May! If you are anything at all like us, you are probably enjoying the spring weather, watching the grass and leaves turn many shades of green, listening to the soothing sound of a small stream, pond, or waterfall, taking in the burst of color of daffodils, tulips, magnolias, flowering pears, and dogwoods blooming…everywhere! The parks are teeming with families picnicking, playing games, reading, napping, biking, walking their dogs, and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. What a spectacular time to get out and enjoy nature in all its splendor!

While we needed to socially distance from others who were not in our immediate sphere this past year, many of you have turned to nature and the great outdoors to keep your photographic vision going. From colorful ducks to daffodils (Beamie Young), from soaring birds to beautiful gardens (Lee Levin Friend), from wooded explorations with friends to floral abstracts (Joan Zachary), creativity is flourishing. From finding long lost treasures in your archives, like pride parades or graffitied walls (Melissa Mertzman), from abstract reflections to creative animation (Cheryl Bomba), from double takes to backyard visitors (Diane Richter), from trips abroad to black and white bulbs (Anika Paldi), to name just a few, you have kept the creative juices flowing and inspired us all.

Diane, Zinn and I would love to hear from you to help spark our creativity as we begin planning for 2021. Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

We hope you are all well, continuing to stay safe and enjoying nature and all it has to offer.


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