What Makes Art of the Woman Events Unique - Part 1

After every one of our events we talk with our paid members, participants and models who provide us with valuable feedback. In our June survey, a past participant thought it would be helpful to share some details of just what goes on behind the scenes that make our events unique. This is the first part of a 3-part blog series this month to share those details.

In the summer of 2018, Cindy, Diane, and Zinn attended a fine art shoot organized by male photographer friends of ours. Lucy Magdalene, modeling with Zinn at the event, had never worked with female photographers before and was so excited she wanted a picture with Diane, Lee Levin Friend, and Cindy, the only female photographers at the event, to prove that she actually did! Having worked with men in the past, we knew firsthand that women worked differently, collaboratively together, that we decided to create female-centric events, where women could be more themselves in a supportive environment.

Women’s Collaborative - Art of the Woman was born that fall. Our first events of 2018 and 2019 sold out within days of being announced and we were off and running. We believed we were really onto something. Since the beginning our events have contained elements of all the things we’ve heard are important to you, like learning new things, unique venues, encouraging creative expression, working collaboratively, and community building. Our last event prior to the pandemic was a fine art maternity shoot with Zinn Stars, in January of 2020, right before the birth of her second son.

It’s 2022 and we’re back and eager to work with you again! We sense there may still be some hesitation with gathering people together. We also know from our own experiences, that some of us got a bit rusty, and maybe didn't even shoot as much during the pandemic.

Our first two events this year were at an arts retreat in Nazareth, PA, where there was plenty of room to spread out, maintain social distancing, and resume our activities, both indoors and out, which was perfect. We also made a conscious decision to have fewer participants than in years past. While just seven participants and three models re-joined us this summer, we’ve seen some truly spectacular images created. You can see participant images in the Facebook Group here for the June event and here for the August event.

We will continue this series this time next week. We are currently planning for several fall events and will be announcing them soon here. We look forward to seeing you this fall! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and all they have to offer. We thank you for your continuing support!

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