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What Makes Art of the Woman Events Unique - Part 3

What does the future hold in store for Art of the Woman?

Partnerships! We are looking to expand our creative offerings beyond just fine art shoots, to include workshops where participants can learn new skills and continue to grow and collaborate creatively with other women. In 2022 we have been meeting with other women creatives, artists, photographers, models, and business owners whose areas of expertise can help us expand our offerings and also help to grow their audiences as well.

We are searching for some even more exciting and unique venues for our events, not just here in the Lehigh Valley, PA, where we are located, but in areas of interest to our paid members and subscribers. Our members and subscribers (so far) reside in Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

We are also looking for ways to lower our costs so that we can provide several price points that appeal to a broader audience. We are looking to reach more subscribers and add more members, which help to support our efforts.

It has always been our goal to feature an exhibit of the body of work created during our events. We were in the planning stages for that prior to the pandemic and will get back to sourcing the perfect woman-run gallery or venue for just that purpose in the future. As we have always done, we feature the incredible work of our talented and award-winning members on our website and our event participants' images on our Facebook page after each event.

We operate very much like a non-profit in that we put back into the business anything we gain from holding our events. Our summer events of 2022 were a loss financially for us, but we were committed to holding our events, whatever the cost, because we believe in what we do, and it was important to resume our activities.

If you know of someone that would be interested in our events, or may be interested in partnering with us on an event, please invite them to join our Facebook Group, and subscribe to our website. If you have ideas or suggestions for unique photo experiences, locations or potential partnerships, we welcome your feedback. You can always reach us via e-mail at

Watch your inbox for news, and save the dates for our upcoming events. We look forward to re-connecting with you this year and in the future, and we thank you for your continuing support!

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